Missing Dice

Help make this site more accessible

Everybody should be able to play games together— regardless of their abilities, situation, or status.

It feels as if most of the web is designed to lazily extract as much money from people as possible — most websites with simple tools like dice rollers are…

  • stuffed with ads
  • incompatible with older devices
  • impossible to navigate with a keyboard or screen reader
  • use an enormous amount of data
  • generally the worst

This is infuriating — the goal of missingdice.com is to allow the games we play together to be as accessible as possible.

I don't know everything about accessibility on the web — but I love learning more about it. So I'd like your help.

If you spot a problem with this site, anything that makes it harder for people to use it, let me know using the contact form and I will fix it.

Here's are the goals for the site in a more concrete form:

  • Full WCAG AAA compliance
  • Every page should be under 14kB in size
  • Every tool should work (optionally) without JavaScript
  • No personal data collection or tracking
  • It should work on as many devices as possible (with the exception of this interfering with security)

Thanks, Happy playing, — Nathaniel