Missing Dice

Missing Dice Privacy Policy

missingdice.com doesn't collect personal data of any kind.

No Trackers

Most websites use tracking software to measure what you do while you browse — this is creepy.

So, there is no tracking software on this site.

Instead we use server-side analytics.

This means we don't run code on your computer that tracks your activity — we just count (on our end) how many times we've sent the website to people.

This tells us simple things like:

  • The number of visitors to the site
  • What countries they're visiting from
  • Which page is most popular

None of this information can be used to identify, or track any individual visitor.

We use Netlify Analytics to collect this data.

No cookies

We don't use any cookies ever. That's all.

No third-party code

We don't use any code made by any third-party — not even open-source.

This means there's no chance anyone else is sneakily adding tracking scripts to our site.

If you give us personal information

If you choose to give missingdice.com personal information. For instance, on a signup form or on the contact page. That information will be:

  • the minimum amount of information required to fulfill the service.
  • not shared with anyone else
  • not used for any other reason
  • deleted when no longer needed

If you have any questions please use the contact form.