Missing Dice

Sorry! Boardgame Cards Online

A randomly shuffled deck of of Sorry! cards. Click a card to flip it over.

No Javascript? Click shuffle for the no javascript version.

How to use this tool?

Click a card to flip it over. To reshuffle the deck click shuffle.

Why does this exist?

This tool exists for people who want to play Sorry! but are…

  • missing a complete set of cards.

  • cannot flip or shuffle cards.

  • are playing Sorry! in a moving vehicle e.g. hovercraft, humvee, horseback.

The Rules for Each Card

  1. Leave home or move forward one
  2. Leave home or move forward two. You also get an extra turn
  3. Move forward three
  4. Move backward four
  5. Move forward six
  6. There is no six in Sorry!
  7. Move forward seven or split seven between two pawns.
    e.g. move one pawn forward 2 spaces and another pawn forward 5 spaces. 5 + 2 = 7
  8. Move foward eight
  9. There is no nine in Sorry!
  10. Move forward ten or move backwards one
  11. Move forward eleven or swap one of your pawns with one of your opponents pawns
  12. Move forward twelve