Missing Dice

Spin the Wheel

Can't decide? Create a spinning wheel of names, decisions, or tasks, and leave it up to random chance. Let the wheel decide.

How to use "spin the wheel"?

  1. Write a list of names, activities, decisions, chores, or anything you can't decide in the text box — make sure each item is on a new line. The wheel will automatically update to include the items in your list.

  2. Click the Spin the wheel button and the wheel will decide for you.

  3. Share or save your wheel by copying the link in the Share your decision wheel text box — paste it somewhere to save it for late — or send it to a friend to share it.

What do people use the wheel spinner for?

Lots of reasons, here's some of them:

  • Picking a prize winner from a large group of names
  • Playing games with broken or missing spinners or dice
  • Making decisions in role-playing games like "dungeons & dragons"
  • As a fair way of selecting who does which household chore
  • Selecting random sports teams (for some fantasy football related reason perhaps? If you know please tell me!)
  • Making difficult decisions — some people find it hard to make simple choices, like what to have for dinner — they let the wheel decide.